Prince Bova

The legend of the marvellous journeys and heroic deeds of Prince Bova, the mighty bogatyr, begins with the tale of his insidious mother, Militrisa Kirbitievna. Militrisa plotted the death of her husband, Tsar Guidon, so she could marry Tsar Dadon. When Dadon threw Bova into a dungeon, Militrisa’s maternal heart was touched and she helped Bova to escape.

Prince Bova had many adventures, involving captivity, slavery, treachery and cunning. His two great powers – unparalleled strength and unearthly beauty – helped him to defeat the forces of evil and find his true love, Druzhevna Zenzeveyevna. Prince Bova married her and became Tsar. They had a son, whom they also called Bova. Bova the younger was strong and handsome. When he grew up, Prince Bova the elder returned home, beheaded Tsar Dadon, and crowned his son Tsar in his place.

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