Russia Literature Folk Tale The Firebird

The Firebird

Once upon a time a powerful Tsar had three sons, named Dmitry, Vasily, and Ivan. They all lived together in a magnificent palace surrounded by a beautiful garden in which grew golden apples. One day the Tsar realised that some of the golden apples were disappearing while he slept, and learned that they were being taken by a beautiful firebird. He promised half his kingdom to the son who could catch the firebird. Dmitry tried first but could not catch it. Vasily tried next and also failed. Then it was Ivan’s turn. He waited for a long time under the apple tree. Suddenly, the garden was lit up as bright as day and the firebird appeared. Ivan tried to catch the bird but was only able to get one of her brilliant feathers. The firebird did not to return to the garden after that and the Tsar sent all three sons to find her. During Ivan’s search for the firebird, he formed an alliance with a grey wolf who carried Ivan on his back and rescued him from danger and even death. Along the way he also met and fell in love with the beautiful Princess Helen. After many adventures with the grey wolf and betrayal by his brothers, Ivan returned triumphantly to his father’s house with the firebird and married the Fair Helen.

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