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Jamburg Glass Factories

Founded by Prince Alexander Menshikov in Jamburg and the village of Zhabino in Jamburg district (1710). Taken over by the crown (1727). Leased to the Englishman William Elmsell (1730). Taken over by the crown after his death and awarded to the Chancellery of Construction (1738). The Jamburg factories produced sheet glass, simple glass, mirrors, bottles, wine, beer and vodka glasses, nargiles, bells, trays and such chemical vessels as retorts, cucurbits and mortars. Part of the produce was polished and engraved. The master carver Jagan Mennart worked here until he was replaced by his apprentices Vasily Pivovarov and Dementius Voilokov (1713–23). The polishing workshop was headed by Danila Sushev. Glass was blown by Mikhail Nekrasov and his students. Works by the Jamburg Glass Factories are now extremely rare.

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