Russian Museums and Galleries Peterhof Fountain Operation Museum

Fountain Operation Museum

This museum covers the history of the Peterhof fountains and water pipes. Besides objects dating from the foreign travels of Peter the Great, archive documents track the creation and development of the unique free-flowing water system. The exhibits include original designs, reports, estimates, instruments, firework figures and illumination lampions.

The permanent exhibition is part of a new excursion called Secrets of the Peterhof Fountains, which includes a tour of the subterranean premises of Peterhof – the chambers beneath the Favourite and Basket Fountains and the control panels of the Upper and Lower Grottos. Besides a demonstration of the Road of Water – a trick fountain from the days of Peter the Great – guests are invited to turn on the Sofa Fountain and to regulate the heights of the jets of water.

The museum address is 3 Kalininskaya Street

Visits are booked in advance by calling +7 (812) 420-00-73

Excursions last three hours; the appropriate clothing and footwear are recommended

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