Special Treasury

The Special Treasury is a museum of jewels and imperial treasures. The valuables are housed in the western wing of the Grand Palace, which is known as the Double-Headed Eagle Pavilion. Many European monarchs, crown princes and grand dukes stayed here at various times.

The Special Treasury contains over eight hundred priceless objects. Besides works of gold, silver and precious stones, the collection includes diplomatic gifts, jewelled fans and snuffboxes, the clothes of Peter the Great and Catherine the Great, the thrones of Empress Maria Fyodorovna and her son, the last Russian emperor Nicholas II. A special section recreates a workshop of the House of Fabergé, displaying some of the fabulous creations of this famous jewellery firm.

The museum is open from 10.30 am to 6 pm; ticket office closes at 5 pm

Closed on the last Wednesday of every month

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