Fyodor Klages

Born: 1814, St Petersburg
Died: 1900, Pavlovsk

Architect, painter, teacher. Born in the family of Andrei Klages in St Petersburg (1814). Studied under Alexander Brullov and Maxim Vorobyov at the Imperial Academy of Arts (from 1830, occasional student). Awarded the title of non-class artist (1835) and a minor gold medal and the title of fourteenth-class artist (1839). Taught topography at Military Headquarters in St Petersburg (1839–41) and at the Moscow School of Architecture (1846–51). Lived on Mount Athos and in Italy (1851–61). Taught at the Moscow School of Architecture (1861–64). Academician of architecture (1861), professor (1883). Helped to design the Pulkovo Observatory, Mariinsky Palace in St Petersburg and the Church of Christ the Saviour in Moscow and to restore the Winter Palace in St Petersburg. Taught at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1864–92). Librarian (1868–87) and museum curator (1887–92) at the Imperial Academy of Arts, where he compiled a catalogue and guidebook of the gallery of Russian painting and sculpture (1891). Lived in St Petersburg (1814–46, 1864–91), Moscow (1846–51, 1861–64) and Pavlovsk (1892–1900). Died in Pavlovsk (1900). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1864). Contributed to the exhibitions of the Society of Russian Watercolourists.

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