Russia Culture Symbols


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  • Cap of Monomachus

    The cap of Monomachus was part of the regalia of the grand princes and tsars of Russia. This was a golden crown trimmed with sable and decorated with precious stones and a cross. One legend claims tha...

  • Double-Headed Eagle

    In 1497, Grand Prince Ivan III established the first official coat of arms of Russia. The prince regarded himself as the successor to the Byzantine emperors and adopted their emblem of a black double-...

  • National Anthem

    The first Russian national anthem was written by composer Prince Alexander Lvov and poet Vasily Zhukovsky. Composed in December 1833, it began with the words “God save the Tsar.” In 1918, the Internat...

  • Tsar Cannon

    In 1586, the foundry man Andrei Chokhov (Chekhov) cast the world’s largest cannon in Moscow. The barrel was 5.34 meters long, weighed an impressive forty tons and had an incredible calibre of 890 mill...


Random Articles

Boris Yermolaev
Painter, draughtsman, lithographer, illustrator. Born in the family of Nikolai Yermolaev in St Petersburg (1903). Studied under Vladimir Fyodorovich and Mikhail Avilov at the Restoration Studios of Art/Petrograd College of Art
Theatrical Designer
Valentina Khodasevich
Painter, graphic artist, theatrical designer. Granddaughter of Polish photographer Felicjan Chodasiewicz (circa 1834–1911), niece of the writer Vladimir Khodasevich (1886–1939). Born in Moscow (1894) in the family of lawyer
Alexei Titarenko
Photographer. Born in Leningrad (1962). Graduated from the department of cinematic and photographic art of the Nadezhda Krupskaya Institute of Culture in Leningrad (1983). Specialised in photography, wrote diploma work on
Feodor II
Feodor II was the son of Boris Godunov. An intelligent and cultivated youth, he became tsar at the age of sixteen, during one of the most difficult periods in Russian history. He ruled the country for a total of fifty days.
Family of Alexis Mikhailovich and Maria Miloslavskaya
Tsarevna Maria Alexeyevna
Tsarevna Maria Alexeyevna was the eighth child and sixth daughter of Alexis Mikhailovich and Maria Miloslavskaya. She was born in Moscow on 18 January 1660. Suspected of complicity in a plot headed by Tsarevich Alexis