Biographies Russian Artists 18th Century Jeweller Timofei Siluyanov (Seluyanov)

Timofei Siluyanov (Seluyanov)

Jeweller, silversmith. Hallmark: ???. Born in the family of Philipp Siluyanov or possibly first-guild merchant Philipp Saveliev Seluyanov (1736). Lived and worked in Moscow, where he was a merchant of the second guild of Silver Row (mid-18th century). Created beakers, glasses, mugs and tabernacles in the styles of Rococo (1750s), Baroque (1760s) and Neoclassicism (1790s). Died in Moscow (1802?). Contributed to exhibitions, including Russian Silver of the 18th–20th Centuries from the Collection of the Moscow Kremlin Museums at the Samara Regional Museum of Art in Samara (2007–08).

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