Adriaan Schoonebeek

Born: 1661, Rotterdam
Died: 1705, Moscow

Dutch engraver, cartographer. Studied engraving under Romeyn de Hooghe (1676–79). Taught etching to Peter the Great during his Great Embassy to Holland (1697) and was invited to Russia to work on commissions and train Russian artists (1698). Headed the engraving workshop at the Moscow Armoury.

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Gagarin Embankment
Part of Palace Embankment between the River Fontanka and the Liteiny Bridge. Named after the Gagarin Wharf, a hemp warehouse on the right bank of the River Neva on the Petersburg Side (1860s). Renamed French Embankment
Malaya Gruzinskaya
Anna-Nina Kovalenko
Painter, graphic artist, writer, performer, curator. Born in a family of Old Believers in the village of Sidoryonkovo in western Siberia during the Second World War. Moved to Moscow (1959) and studied at the Moscow Power
Abram Arkhipov
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Grotto in the Summer Garden
The Grotto in the Summer Garden was based on a project by Andreas Schlüter, a German sculptor and architect invited to St Petersburg by Peter the Great (1714). After his death, construction was headed by Jean-Baptiste-Alexandre
Lianozovo Group
Lev Kropivnitsky
Painter, graphic artist, engraver, sculptor, applied artist, designer, poet. Son of Yevgeny Kropivnitsky and Olga Potapova, brother of Valentina Kropivnitskaya, brother-in-law of Oscar Rabin, uncle of Alexander Rabin. Born in