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Christian Albrecht Wortmann

Born: 1680, Pomerania
Died: 1760, St Petersburg

German engraver. Studied under Johann Georg Wolfgang in Berlin. Worked in Berlin, Kassel, Leipzig and Dresden, engraving portraits of Landgrave Ernest Louis of Hesse-Darmstadt, King Augustus II of Poland and King Frederick I of Sweden (1710s–20s). Invited by Johann Daniel Schumacher to St Petersburg (1727), where he headed the palace of engraving at the Imperial Academy of Sciences (from 1728). Engraved portraits of members of the imperial family after paintings by other artists (1729–40). Expelled from the Imperial Academy of Sciences for non-attendance (1731), readmitted (1735), again expelled (1744). Invited to correct engraving plates at the Imperial Academy of Sciences (1758).

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