Ivan Zuyev

Ivan Zuyev (1786–1860), Russian Neoclassical jeweller, silversmith, niello master. Hallmarks: ИЗ or J. Suew or I. Suew or И. ЗУЕВЪ in a rectangle. Lived and worked in Vologda, where he created silverware decorated with niello images.
Born: 1786, Vologda
Died: 1860, Vologda

Jeweller, silversmith, niello master. Hallmarks: ?? or J. Suew or I. Suew or ?. ????? in a rectangle. Born in Vologda in the family of Matvei Zuyev (1786). Made silverware decorated with niello in the Neoclassical style (from 1806). Created a snuffbox depicting the Fire of Moscow and Tsar Alexander I entering Paris (1816), a silver case depicting Tsar Alexander I and the coat of arms of Count Paskiewicz of Erivan (1820s), a silver case depicting armorial bearings and a map of Vologda Province (1836), a silver tray depicting St Sophia Cathedral in Vologda (1837), a silver snuffbox depicting the Cameron Gallery in Tsarskoe Selo and Pavlovsk Palace (1841) and a cover for an icon of Christ Enthroned for the St Cyril of Belozersk Monastery (1854–56). Died in Vologda (1860). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1837). Contributed to the Vologda Provincial Exhibition (1837), Art of the Land of Vologda (13th to 20th Centuries) at the Central House of the Artist in Moscow (1990) and Golden Age of Russian Jewellery Art at the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum Complex of History, Architecture and Art in Vladimir (2010–11).

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