Yermolai Yesakov

Yermolai Yesakov (1790–1840), Russian landscape painter, draughtsman, teacher. Studied under Mikhail Ivanov at the Imperial Academy of Arts. Worked for the Stroganov family. Academician. Taught at the Court Capella in St Petersburg.
Born: 1790, Luga (St Petersburg Province)
Died: 1840, St Petersburg

Painter, draughtsman, teacher. Born in the family of a provincial registrar called Ivan Yesakov in the town of Luga near Novgorod (1790). Studied landscape painting under Mikhail Ivanov at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1799–1809). Drew copies of seven paintings from the collection of Count Alexander Stroganov for inclusion as engravings in Collection d’estampes d’apre?s quelques tableaux de la galerie de son Exc. Mr. le comte A. Stroganoff, grave?es ou trait par des jeunes artistes de l’Acade?mie des beaux-arts a? St. Pe?tersbourg (1807). Awarded a first-class certificate, minor gold medal and a three-year fellowship at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1809). Accompanied Count Pavel Stroganov to Moldavia during the Russo-Turkish War (1810). Academician (1811). Taught drawing to Count Pavel Stroganov’s daughters (1810–19), painted watercolour views of the Stroganov estates at Novaya Derevnya, Marino and Solvychegodsk (1812–24) and accompanied the count and his wife Princess Sofia Golitsyna on a cruise from Kronstadt to Copenhagen (1817). Contributed two drawings (1822) to the Views of St Petersburg and Environs series of lithographs published by the Society for the Encouragement of Artists (1821–26). Worked as a tutor of literacy to young singers and assistant inspector at the Court Capella (from 1824). Abandoned painting (1827). Died in St Petersburg (1840). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1800s). Contributed to the exhibitions of the Imperial Academy of Arts (1800s) and The Four Seasons: Landscapes in Russia (19th–20th Centuries) at the Russian Museum in St Petersburg (2006–07).

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