Stefan Aleksander Bakałowicz

Born: 1857, Warsaw
Died: 1947, Rome
Émigré Art

Polish painter. Born in Warsaw (1857) in the family of Polish artist W?adys?aw Baka?owicz (1831–1904). Studied at the School of Drawing in Warsaw, Wojciech Gerson’s private studio (1874–76), Imperial Academy of Arts in St Petersburg (1876–81) and the School of Fine Arts in Cracow (1881–82). Foreign fellow of the Imperial Academy of Arts (1881–86). Academician (1886). Painted genre pictures on ancient subjects. Lived in Rome (from early 1880s). Member of Kapitol (1936). Died in Rome (1947). Contributed to exhibitions in Italy and abroad, including the Imperial Academy of Arts (from 1884).

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