Elizaveta Böhm

Born: 1843, St Petersburg
Died: 1914, St Petersburg

Draughtswoman, painter, silhouettist, illustrator, postcard designer. Born in St Petersburg in the family of Mercury Endaurov (1843). Studied under Ivan Kramskoi, Pavel Chistyakov, Alexander Beideman and Luigi Premazzi at the School of Drawing of the Society for the Encouragement of Artists (1857–64), graduating with a silver medal. Married Russian-Hungarian violinist Ludwig Böhm. Awarded ? major encouragement medal from the Imperial Academy of Arts (1871). Published silhouettes as lithographs (1875–84), illustrated children’s magazines (1882–87), took up industrial design (1883) and painted watercolour compositions for picture postcards (1890s). Died in St Petersburg (1914). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1868), winning medals at the World Exhibitions in Paris (1900), Munich (1902) and Milan (1906).

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