Prince Paolo Troubetzkoy

Born: 1866, Intra (Italy)
Died: 1938, Pallanza (Italy)

Sculptor, teacher. Illegitimate son of the Russian diplomat Prince Peter Troubetzkoy (1822–1892) and the American singer Ada Winans (1835–1917). Studied under Giuseppe Grandi, Donato Barcaglia and Ernesto Bazzaro in Milan (1884). Opened his own studio, where he sculpted Impressionist portraits and animalist compositions (from 1885). Designed statues of Giuseppe Garibaldi (1890) and Dante (1891). Lived and worked in Russia (1897–1906), where he taught at the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (1898–1906) and won the competition to design an equestrian statue of Tsar Alexander III in the centre of St Petersburg (1899–1906). Founding member of the World of Art (1900), member of the Société Nouvelle des Peintres et Sculpteurs (1906). Worked in France (1906–14, 1921–32) and the United States (1914–21), designing statues of Dante in San Francisco (1919) and General Harrison Gray Otis in Los Angeles (1920). Lived at the Villa Cà Bianca on Lake Maggiore (1932–38). Contributed to exhibitions in Italy, France, Germany, Russia and the United States (from 1886), winning the grand prix at the Exposition Universelle in Paris (1900) and a gold medal at the Internationale Ausstellung in Dresden (1901).

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