Dmitry Yermakov

Born: 1846, Tiflis
Died: 1916, Tiflis

Photographer, traveller. Born in Tiflis to the Italian architect Luigi Caribaggio and his Georgian-Austrian wife who later remarried a man called Yermakov (1846). Graduated from the Military Academy of Topography. Took up photography at an early age. Opened photographic studios in Tiflis and in Kislovodsk during the tourist season (late 1860s–70s). Lived and worked in Persia, Turkey, south Crimea and Trans-Caspian region (1870–1915). Travelled extensively throughout the Caucasus. Served with Russian forces in the Caucasus (1877–78). Journeyed with a camera and travelling photographic laboratory. Travelled on horseback and foot (from 1880s). Took part in archaeological and other expeditions. Official photographer to the Shah of Persia. Honorary member of the Caucasian section of the Moscow Archaeological Society and the Tiflis Society for the Encouragement of Fine Arts. Decorated by the French Photographic Society (1874), Moscow Anthropological Exhibition (1878) and the governments of Persia, Turkey and Italy. Honorary citizen of Tiflis. Died in Tiflis (1916).

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