Theodor Baikoff

Theodor Baikoff (1818–1890), Russian battle-painter, draughtsman, lithographer. Studied at the Imperial Academy of Arts. Lived and worked in Tiflis, St Petersburg, Dresden, Vienna and Trieste.
Born: 1818, St Petersburg
Died: 1890, Trieste (Austria-Hungary)

Painter, draughtsman, lithographer. Born in St Petersburg in the family of a coachman of Tsar Alexander I called Ilya Baikov (1818). Studied at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1830s–early 1840s). Lived and worked in Tiflis (from 1842). Awarded a minor silver medal (1846) and the title of artist of battle painting (1862). Returned to St Petersburg (mid-1860s), where he published an album of lithographs called Transcaucasian Scenes and Types (1869). Lived and worked in Dresden and Vienna (1870s). Moved to Trieste (1883), where he lived and died at the Hôtel Delorme (1890). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1840s). Contributed to the exhibitions of the Imperial Academy of Arts (1840s) and Roads in Russian Art at the Russian Museum in St Petersburg (2004–05).

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