Lavrenty Seryakov

Born: 1824, Tula or Kaluga Province
Died: 1881, Nice (France)

Wood engraver, illustrator. Born in Tula or Kaluga Province in the family of a peasant soldier from Kostroma Province called Avxenty Seryakov (1824). Studied engraving at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1847–53). Awarded a foreign fellowship (1858). Worked in Paris. Academician (1864). Awarded the title of court engraver to Tsar Alexander II (1866). Founded a studio and school in St Petersburg, which produced portraits and engraving reproductions (1868). Made more than five hundred wood engravings. Illustrated Pyotr Yershov’s The Little Humpbacked Horse and the fairytales of Nikolai Wagner. Emigrated for health reasons (1874). Died and buried in Nice (1881).

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