Kirill Gorbunov

Born: 1822 (1815?), Vladykino (Penza Province)
Died: 1893, Tsarskoe Selo

Painter, lithographer, teacher. Serf of the Vladykin family who was sent to train in Moscow (1834) and granted his freedom with the help of Karl Brullov and Vasily Zhukovsky (1841). Studied under Vasily and Alexei Dobrovolsky, Ivan Durnov and Carl Wilhelm von Rabus at the Moscow Art Class (1836–40) and Karl Brullov at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1840–46). Awarded minor silver medals (1843, 1845) and the title of non-class artist (1846). Lithographed a cycle of portraits of famous Russian writers for Alexander Herzen (1845). Academician (1851). Painted icons for the Church of Joy of All Who Sorrow in Tsarskoe Selo (early 1850s), Cathedral of St Alexander Nevsky in Vyatka (early 1860s), Church of the Holy Sign in Tsarskoe Selo (mid-1860s), Church of St Andrew of Constantinople in St Petersburg (mid-1870s) and frescoes for the Church of Christ the Saviour in Moscow (mid-1870s). Taught painting at the Smolny Institute in St Petersburg (1851–88).

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