Ferdinand-Victor Perrot

Born: 1808, Paimbœuf (France)
Died: 1841, St Petersburg

Painter, draughtsman, lithographer. Son of French customs official Victor Perrot. Studied at naval college in Brest and under Théodore Gudin in Paris. Published more than three-hundred lithographed views of Bretagne and Loire in Paris (1830s). Moved to Italy (1836), where he depicted the surroundings of Naples. Invited to St Petersburg by Tsar Nicholas I (1838). Nominated to the Imperial Academy of Arts (1840). Lithographed twelve views of St Petersburg for a planned series of a hundred works dedicated to Empress Alexandra Fyodorovna (1841). Fell ill due to the severe climate and died in St Petersburg (1841). Contributed to the Paris Salon (from 1834).

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