Friedrich Heinrich Bagantz

Born: 1834, St Petersburg
Died: 1873, St Petersburg

German draughtsman, painter. Born in St Petersburg (1834) in the family of a German clockmaker called Friedrich Gotthard Bagantz (1802–1889), who moved to St Petersburg during the reign of Tsar Alexander I (1801–25). Studied under Alexei Markov and Maxim Vorobyov at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1850–60). Awarded the title of non-class artist and perfected his art under Alexei Bogolyubov (1861). Worked on warships for the Department of Hydrography. Sailed on expeditions (1862–63, 1864–67, 1869–72). Sketched views of the islands of Konevets and Balaam, albums of views of St Petersburg and watercolour and pencil views of Russian settlements on the River Amur, Far Eastern ports and international ports on a round-the-world voyage (1864–67). Kept a diary in German on his voyages (1864–67). Awarded the title of first-class artist and a diamond and ruby ring from Tsar Alexander II for an album of watercolours painted on his round-the-world voyage (1867). Died in St Petersburg (1873). Contributed to exhibitions at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1859–60).

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