Carl Joachim Beggrow

Born: 1799, Riga
Died: 1875, St Petersburg

Painter, lithographer, draughtsman. Father of Alexander Hermann Beggrow. Born in Riga in the family of a German watchmaker called Peter Beggrow (1799). Studied lithography in the private studio of his elder brother Johann Friedrich Beggrow (from 1817) and landscape painting under Maxim Vorobyov at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1818–21). Painted and lithographed equestrian portraits of Tsar Alexander I (1821) and Tsar Nicholas I (1832). Headed the lithographic studio at the Central Directorate of Communications and Public Buildings (from 1825) and worked at the Winter Palace (from 1828). Academician of perspective painting (1832). Contributed lithographs to albums published by the Society for the Encouragement of Artists (1820s–early 1830s), including Album of Lithographs for 1820 (1820), Nationalities Living between the Caspian and Black Seas (1822), Views of St Petersburg and Environs (1821–26) and Traders and Hawkers (1834). Painted watercolour views of St Petersburg (from 1834) and published the Views of Finland album (1857). Suffered from failing eyesight (from late 1830s). Died in St Petersburg and buried at the Smolensk Cemetery (1875).

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