Lyubov Popova

Born: 1889, Ivanovskoe (Moscow Province)
Died: 1924, Moscow

Painter, graphic artist, theatrical designer, applied artist, illustrator. Studied at Stanislaw Zukowski’s private studio in Moscow (1907), Konstantin Juon and Ivan Dudin School of Painting and Drawing in Moscow (1908–09) and under Henri Le Fauconnier and Jean Metzinger at the Académie de la Palette in Paris (1912–13). Visited Kiev (1909), Pskov and Novgorod (1910) and St Petersburg (1911). Worked at the Tower studio in Moscow (1913) and painted in a Cubo-Futurist style (1913–16). Held Weekly Art Gatherings for artists and writers at her home in Moscow (1914–15). Founding member of Supremus (1916). Designed fabrics and agitprop books and posters (1917). Married the art historian Boris von Eding (1918). Worked at the Institute of Artistic Culture in Moscow (1920–24), helped to found the Museum of Painterly Culture (1921–22). Painted abstract compositions known as Painterly Architectonics (1916–21), then abandoned easel painting for Constructivist projects (1921–24). Designed the sets and costumes for Vsevolod Meyerhold’s production of Fernand Crommelynck’s play Le Cocu magnifique (1922). Illustrated books and designed textiles and dresses for LEF (1922–24). Died of scarlet fever in Moscow (1924). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1914). Contributed to the Knave of Diamonds (1914, 1916), Tramway V First Futurist Exhibition (1915–16), 0.10 Last Futurist Exhibition (1915–16), Store (1916), X State Exhibition: Non-Objective Creativity and Suprematism (1919) and 5 x 5 = 25 (1921).

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