Oleg Kotelnikov

Born: 1958, Leningrad

Painter, graphic artist. Born in the family of Yevgeny Kotelnikov in Leningrad (1958). Took up painting (1978). Member of the New Artists (1982–89) and the history section of the NCh/VCh music and art club. Expert on fine art and consultant of the A-Ya society (from 1989). Created artist’s books in collaboration with Yevgeny Kozlov and painted joint pictures with Ivan Sotnikov. Collaborated as a painter and actor with the Necrorealism group. Contributed to films of “parallel cinema”. Drew cartoons and painted films, contributing to Sergei Solovyov’s Assa (1987). Created several videos for American rock star Joanna Stingray. Helped to design the sets for the concerts of the Strange Games rock group and Popular Mechanics orchestra. Performed as an actor and musician in the Popular Mechanics shows. Created the Polar Projects series of exhibitions designed to replace the traditional East/West and North/South cultural orientation (1994). Realised the North/South project in collaboration with Andrei Medvedev at the Museum of the Arctic and Antarctic in St Petersburg (1997). Lives and works in St Petersburg. Contributed to exhibitions (from 1982), including one-man shows at the ASSA Gallery in Leningrad (1983), Privart Gallery in Wiesbaden (1992), Das russiche Feld in Berlin (WHEN) and the Russian Museum in St Petersburg (2001).

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