Xenia Livchak

Born: 1906, Vilna
Died: 1988, Pabradė (near Vilnius)
Analytical Art

Fabric designer, porcelain decorator, painter, graphic artist. Granddaughter of the Carpathian writer Josif Livchak (1839–1914) and daughter of the Art Nouveau architect Fyodor Livchak (1878–1919). Born in Vilna (1906) and moved to Leningrad (1924). Studied at the Leningrad Technical College of Art and Industry (1931–32). Met Filonov during the split in the Masters of Analytical Art (1930), remaining a close friend for the rest of his life (1930–41). Worked for the Tribune Artel as a fabric designer (1930s). Survived the Siege of Leningrad (1941–44). Painted porcelain at the Lomonosov Porcelain Factory (1944–52) and fabrics (1950s). Contributed to the Filonov School exhibition (1987). Died in Pabrad? Hospital and buried at the local cemetery (1988).

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