Eva Levina-Rosenholz

Born: 1898, Vitebsk
Died: 1975, Moscow

Painter, graphic artist, sculptress. Born in Vitebsk in the family of Pavel Rosenholz (1898). Graduated as a dentist from Tomsk University (1917). Studied sculpture in Anna Golubkina’s studio (1920–21) and painting in Robert Falk’s studio at the VKhUTEMAS (1921–25). Graduated from the VKhUTEMAS with the title of first-class artist. Studied teaching at the VKhUTEMAS (from 1929). Painted fabrics and pastel still-lifes and landscapes (1930s). Contributed to the exhibitions of the Society of Public Artists and the Moscow Fellowship of Artists (1920–40). Arrested (August 1949). Sentenced by the special board of the Ministry of the Interior to ten years imprisonment. Served her term of exile in Krasnodar Region and Karaganda. Worked as a lumberjack, cleaner, barge painter and nurse. Designed for the Kazakh Theatre of Drama in Karaganda. Rehabilitated and returned to Moscow (1956). Created a series of graphic cycles now attracting the interest of art critics. Died in Moscow (1975). Posthumous one-woman show at the Tretyakov Gallery (1996).

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