Yevgenia Ovoschnikova

Born: 1905, Mariupole
Died: after mid-1950s

Sculptress. Born in Mariupole in the family of Semyon Ovoschnikov (1905). Lived in Kharkiv before her arrest. Graduated from an unknown school of art. Studied in Anna Golubkina’s studio (1920s). Arrested as a “member of the family of a traitor” and sentenced to eight years imprisonment (1938). Served her sentence in Dolinka and Spassk of Karlag. Released (1946). Lived in Karaganda (until mid-1950s). Friend of Eva Levina-Rosenholz. Taught sculpture at a studio of art. Moved from Karaganda (mid-1950s). Subsequent fate unknown.

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