Yegor Ostrov

Born: 1970, Leningrad

Artist. Born in Leningrad (1970). Graduated from the department of stage direction of the Free University (1988) and studied at the private schools of art of Alexander Zaitsev (1990–92) and Boris Kazakov (1992–93) and at the New Academy of Fine Arts (1993–94). Founding member of the Club of River Transport Workers (1990). Graduated from international courses of curators in Kiev (1995). Worked for the Avant-Garde Art theatrical company. Participated in a performance-presentation of Volodymyr Sorokin’s Novel in collaboration with the Mess Media group. Curated such artistic projects as Interaction: Accidental Visions at the George Soros Centre of Contemporary Art in St Petersburg (1996). Trained at Apex Art in New York (1998). Contributed to the Cabinet magazine exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam (1997), the Beauty and Eroticism at the Groningen-Museum in Holland (2001–02) and one-man shows at the Aidan Gallery in Moscow (1998) and Marina Gusich’s Private Gallery in St Petersburg (2002).

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