Alexander Gnilitsky

Born: 1961, Kharkiv
Died: 2009, Kiev

Alexander Gnilitsky (Oleksandr Gnylytsky) was born in Kharkiv in 1961. A painter and film-set designer, he lived and worked in Kiev and Munich. Gnilitsky died in Kiev in 2009.

Alexander Gnilitsky worked in diverse media and forms of art, including graphic art, VJ art (as co-founder of the Institution of Unstable Thoughts), kinetic sculpture, growing art and photography. One of the central figures in Ukrainian contemporary art, he was a classic of the “south Russian wave” and one of the most prominent painters in the post-Soviet space.

Employing different artistic techniques – graphic art, sculpture, photography and video installations – Gnilitsky addressed painting as a means of controlling thoughts and the imagination. This helps us to better understand the illusory nature of the world and, in this way, to liberate ourselves of it.

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