Solomon Telingater

Born: 1903, Tiflis
Died: 1969, Moscow

Graphic artist, book illustrator, professional printer. Born in the family of Benedict Telingater in Tiflis (1903). Studied at the Narkompros studios of art in Baku (1919–20) and under Vladimir Favorsky at the VKhUTEMAS in Moscow (1920–21). Worked in the editorial offices of various newspapers in Baku. Influenced by the painting and book experiments of the Transcaucasian Futurists. Moved to Moscow (1925). Collaborated with various publishing houses. Met El Lissitzky (1927). Influenced by Constructivism, collaborated closely with El Lissitzky. Created his own personal style based on his artistic quests and excellent knowledge of printing. Resolved professional tasks with the help of diverse technical and artistic devices. Photomontage, innovative use of typefaces and the application of such non-traditional materials as steel plates in the form of a bas-relief of Joseph Stalin in Quality Steel of the USSR elevated the artist to the ranks of the leading members of the avant-garde. Did not follow art for art’s sake in his quests and experiments. Sought to combine idea and form in a single whole, in which form expressed, rather than reflected, the idea. Designed more than six-hundred books. Died in Moscow (1969).

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