Georgy Nissky

Born: 1903, Novobelitsa (Homel Region)
Died: 1987, Moscow
Severe Style

Painter. Born in the family of a doctor called Grigory Nissky in Novobelitsa in Homel Region (1903). Studied under Aleksandrs Drevinš and Robert Falk at the VKhUTEMAS/VKhUTEIN in Moscow (1922–30). Close to the Society of Easel Artists. Travelled across the Volga, Moscow Region, Baltic states and the Far East (1930s–50s). Founder of the Severe Style in Soviet art (late 1950s–early 1960s). Full member of the Academy of Arts of the USSR (1958), People’s Artist of the RSFSR (1965). Died in Moscow and buried in the Kuntsevo Cemetery at 1 Dorogobuzh Street (1987). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1932), including a series of one-man shows (1950s–60s).

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