Boris Vogel

Born: 1872, Temir-Khan-Shura (Dagestan)
Died: 1961, Leningrad

Painter, teacher. Born in the family of Colonel Alexander Vogel in Temir-Khan-Shura (now Buynaksk) in Dagestan (1872). Studied at the Faculty of Law of Moscow University (from 1891) and studied painting independently, enjoying the advice of Vasily Polenov, Leonid Pasternak and Sergei Korovin (1890s). Studied under Jean Paul Laurens and Jean Joseph Benjamin Constant at the Académie de Filippo Colarossi in Paris (1896–98) and under Pawel Kowalewski at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1898–1902). Painted in an Impressionist style (from early 1900s), influenced by Cézanneism (late1900s–early 1910s). Taught at the School of Drawing of the Caucasian Society for the Encouragement of the Arts in Tiflis (from 1901) and at the Ilya Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture in Leningrad (from 1934, professor). Died in Leningrad (1961). Contributed to exhibitions (from 1892). Contributed to the exhibitions of the Moscow Society of Lovers of the Arts (1892–95, 1903, 1904), New Society of Artists (1904, 1905, 1910, 1912), Moscow Fellowship of Artists (1911), Association of Artists of Revolutionary Russia (1920s) and the Esposizione Internazionale in Rome (1911).

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