Carl Oswald Bulla

Born: 1853, Leobschütz (Prussia)
Died: 1929, Jämaja (Estonia)

German photographer. Born in Leobschütz in Prussia (now G?ubczyce in Poland) in the family of Carl Bulla (1853). Ran away from home to St Petersburg (mid-1860s). Studied photography in a small firm called Dunant, graduating from apprentice to assistant to independent master. Opened his own studio (mid-1870s). His photographs for visiting cards and studies enjoyed great demand. Granted permission to work on the streets, in private apartments and outside St Petersburg (1886). Photographed the Konevsky Monastery and Dormition Monastery in Old Ladoga (1890s) and the celebrations marking the hundredth anniversary of the birth of Alexander Pushkin (1899). Worked in Moscow, central Russia, Baltic lands, Ukraine, White Russia, Ural mountains and Finland. Chronicled the life of St Petersburg (1880s–1910s). Awarded the title of official photographer of the city of St Petersburg (1896), enjoyed the support of the Imperial Court Ministry. Allowed to photograph members of the Imperial family (1904). Official photographer of the Imperial Public Library, Mayor of St Petersburg and the King of Italy. Awarded medals for industry and art (1903) and diligence (1904). Decorated by the governments of Bulgaria, Romania and Persia. Bequeathed his firm to his sons Alexander and Victor and moved to the island of Saaremaa in Estonia (1916). Died in the village of Jämaja on the island of Saaremaa in Estonia (1929).

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