Nikolai Alexandrovich Petrov

Born: 1875, Yelets (Oryol Province)
Died: 1940, Kiev (Ukraine)

Pictorial photographer, teacher. Born in the family of an hereditary honorary citizen called Alexander Petrov in the town of Yelets in Oryol Province (1875). Graduated from the Riga Polytechnic Institute (1900). Studied photography under Professor Schmidt in Karlsruhe. Lived in Kiev (from 1903). Co-editor and head of the art section of Herald of Photography (1911–15). Organised the Art Salons in Kiev. Taught photography at the Kiev Polytechnic Institute (1905–20) and the Photographic Institute (from 1920). Professor of the Kiev Institute of Cinematography (1930). Honorary member of the Russian Society of Photographers. Published over forty works on photography in English, German and Russian. Died in Kiev (1940). Contributed to many exhibitions of photography.

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