Dmitry Gutov

Born: 1960, Moscow

Dmitry Gutov was born in Moscow in 1960. He graduated from the Ilya Repin Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture (Academy of Arts) in St Petersburg in 1992.

Gutov is interested in the literary and ideological aspects of contemporary art. On the Russian art scene, he is a left-wing theorist who upholds the Marxist aesthetics of MikhailLifshitz. Gutov has frequently contributed to the Venice Biennale and many other projects in Russia and abroad.

The innovative nature of Gutov’s works lies in the artist’s remarkable ability to create his own unique amalgam, a new aesthetic fusion, from extremely heterogeneous sources – purely painterly quests often bordering on abstraction, graphic design, oriental calligraphy, the conceptual tradition, and intellectual studies on Soviet and world culture. The phenomenon of Soviet culture – the object of analysis of the Moscow Conceptualists – has been fundamentally reinterpreted by Dmitry Gutov.

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