Biographies Russian Cinema Producer Alexander Khanzhonkov

Alexander Khanzhonkov

Born: 1877, Khanzhonkovka
Died: 1945, Yalta

Film producer. Born in the Ukrainian village of Khanzhonkovka in the family of an impoverished landowner called Alexei Khanzhonkov (1877). Moved to Moscow (1896), where he served in the Don First Cossack Regiment (1896–1905). Headed his own trading house (1908) and private limited company (1912). Began shooting films (1911), specialising in screen adaptations of Russian classics, folk tales, songs and romances. Moved his company to the Crimea (1917), where he continued to shoot films (1917–20), including Saide, Daughter of the Crimea (late 1910s). Emigrated to Constantinople and Vienna (1920–23). Returned to Russia (1923), where he was arrested (1926) and rehabilitated (1934). Died and buried in Yalta (1945).

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