Biographies Russian Commerce Philipp Kostsov

Philipp Kostsov

Born: 1737, Ryazan Province
Died: 1804, St Petersburg

Merchant of the first guild. Born in Ryazan Province in the family of Foma Kostsov (1737). Head of the largest community of schismatics in St Petersburg – the Old Believers of the Fedoseyev Persuasion (mid-eighteenth century). Founded a large collection of pre-reform icons at his house near Apraxin Dvor (1767). Funded the construction of a male alms-house at the Volkov Cemetery, which became one of the focal points of the Old Believers of St Petersburg (1784). The Old Believers were subjected to increased persecution following the accession of Paul I (1796). Declining an offer to renounce his beliefs and join the official Russian Orthodox Church, Kostsov was imprisoned in the Peter and Paul Fortress until the accession of Alexander I (1801). Freed from prison, Kostsov was popularly regarded as a martyr for his beliefs. Died in St Petersburg (1804).

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