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Alexei Suvorin

Born: 1834, Korshevo (Voronezh Province)
Died: 1912, St Petersburg

Journalist, writer, publisher. Born in the village of Korshevo in Voronezh Province in the family of a peasant called Sergei Suvorin (1834). Lived in St Petersburg (from 1863). Wrote for the St Petersburg News under the pseudonyms of Bobrovsky and Stranger (1863–69). Founded the New Time newspaper (1876) and the History Bulletin journal (1880), two of the most popular and influential periodicals in pre-revolutionary Russia. Owned a large publishing house with a nationwide network of bookshops. Published works by both Russian and foreign writers, playing an important role in the careers of Anton Chekhov and Vasily Rozanov. Criticised by Russian liberals for supporting official government policy and reactionary ideas. Died in St Petersburg and buried at the St Alexander Nevsky Monastery (1912).

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