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Sergei Ausländer

Born: 1888, Siberia
Died: 1937, Butovo (Moscow Region)

Writer, playwright, critic. Nephew of Mikhail Kuzmin. Born in Siberia in the family of Abram Ausländer and Varvara Kuzmina (1888). Graduated from the Seventh Grammar School in St Petersburg (1906) and studied history and the arts at St Petersburg University (1910). Collaborated with Golden Fleece and Libra (from 1906) and Apollo (from 1909). Published the St Petersburg Apocryphes cycle of stories (1912) and depicted the literary life of Moscow and St Petersburg during the Silver Age in The Last Satellite (1913). Moved to Moscow (1922). Arrested and executed at the Butovo firing range near Moscow (1937).

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