Russia History Romanov Exhibition Lomonosov and the Elizabethan Period (1912)

Lomonosov and the Elizabethan Period (1912)

The exhibition was organised by the Imperial Academy of Sciences to celebrate the bicentenary of the birth of Mikhail Lomonosov. Curated by Baron Nikolai Wrangel, it was held at the Imperial Academy of Arts in St Petersburg from 17 April to 21 June 1912. Over three and a half thousand exhibits recreated the historical atmosphere of the reign of Empress Elizabeth Petrovna, the fun-loving daughter of Peter the Great. The halls were decorated in the style of eighteenth-century interiors, while the exhibition poster designed by Yevgeny Lanceray also paid tribute to Baroque art. Dmitry Filosofov described the exhibition as “the eighteenth century seen through the eyes of the most refined people of the twentieth century.”

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