Russia Peterhof Villa Own Dacha

Own Dacha

In 1842, Heinrich Stackenschneider reconstructed the Own Dacha in an exaggerated Neo-Baroque style. Lying to the west of the Lower Park, this villa was intended for the future Tsar Alexander II and his wife. It is currently in a state of ruin, although there are vague plans to restore the building as a municipal wedding palace.

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New Artists
The New Artists movement of the early 1980s – Timur Novikov, Ivan Sotnikov, Inal Savchenkov, Vadim Ovchinnikov, Sergei Bugayev (Africa), Oleg Maslov and Oleg Zaika – was based on various different sources. These include the
Boris Ender
Painter, graphic artist, designer. Brother of Xenia and Maria Ender. Born in St Petersburg to an agronomist of German descent (1893). Studied at Ivan Bilibin’s studio in St Petersburg (1905–07) and met Mikhail Matiushin and
Fellowship of Experimental Fine Art
Sergei Sergeyev
Painter, graphic artist. Born in the family of Alexander Sergeyev in Leningrad (1953). Studied theatrical design at the Vladimir Serov School of Art in Leningrad (1969–73). Engaged in a quest for his own personal style,
Vladimir Proshkin
Painter, graphic artist, illustrator, designer, teacher. Son of Victor Proshkin and Victoria Belakovskaya, nephew of Anatoly Proshkin, brother of artist Marianna Proshkina (born 1939). Born in Leningrad (1931). Evacuated to
Pyotr Petrovich Sokolov
Painter, graphic artist. Son of Pyotr Fyodorovich Sokolov, brother of Alexander Sokolov, nephew of Alexander Brullov and Karl Brullov. Studied under Karl Brullov, Pyotr Basin and Fidelio Bruni at the Imperial Academy of Arts