Russia Peterhof Villa Own Dacha

Own Dacha

In 1842, Heinrich Stackenschneider reconstructed the Own Dacha in an exaggerated Neo-Baroque style. Lying to the west of the Lower Park, this villa was intended for the future Tsar Alexander II and his wife. It is currently in a state of ruin, although there are vague plans to restore the building as a municipal wedding palace.

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Russian Writers
Ivan Krylov
Fabulist, playwright, journalist. Born in Moscow (1769) in the family of Andrei Krylov (1736–1778). Educated at home. Moved to St Petersburg (1782). Founded the Krylov and Comrades publishing house. Lived in a mansion owned by
Alexei Vorobyevsky
Painter, designer. Born in the family of a railwayman called Victor Vorobyevsky in the village of Tankha in Transbaikal Region (1906). Graduated from the Pavlovsk School of Art (1926) and worked at the Lomonosov Porcelain
Solomon Telingater
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Alexander Suvorov Monument
Mikhail Kozlovsky’s monument to Count Alexander Suvorov (1730–1800) was officially opened on 5 May 1801 at the southern end of Tsaritsa Meadow (Field of Mars), where it was positioned by Andrei Voronikhin opposite the obelisk
Maxim Dmitriyev
Photographer. Born in the family of Pyotr Dmitriyev in the village of Povalishino in Tambov Province (1858). Studied under Moscow photographer Mikhail Nastyukov and attended Sunday classes of drawing at the Stroganov School of