Russia Sport Football Anatoly Pekhterev Victory for Larin & Co, Triumph for Popelysh Amid Overflowing Stands

Victory for Larin & Co, Triumph for Popelysh Amid Overflowing Stands


The Christmas Five-A-Side Football Open Tournament for men’s teams was held in Tutayev during the New Year holidays for the prize of the Thousand Trifles chain of shops. This traditional tournament brought together eight teams from Tutayev, Rybinsk and Yaroslavl.

First of all, it is worth saying a few kind words about Alexander Fyodorovich Pakhomov, director of the Thousand Trifles chain of shops, who has not abandoned the tournament in these tough economic times, putting into it not just financial resources, but his whole soul. His work, enthusiasm and genuine love of sport, and football in particular, have provided people with a great event – both the competitors themselves and the fans in the stands.

“The tournament is being held in these parts for the twelfth time,” Anatoly Borisovich Pekhterev, the head referee of the competition, noted. “And it is great to see that, every year, the status of the contest has grown, as have the number of teams and, most importantly, the level of play. Before, only teams from Tutayev took part in the tournament, but now the best teams from Yaroslavl and Rybinsk willingly travel here. The result is a competitive battle and the tournament has grown in stature and become more interesting for the fans. It is no accident that the audience for five-a-side football has grown. Where in Yaroslavl can you find from 150 to 200 spectators in the stands?! The truth is that not even summer football matches can draw such crowds. But the punters are not fools and the only way to draw them is to put on an exciting display.”

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