Liteiny Bridge

Second permanent bridge across the River Neva, joining Liteiny Prospekt and the Vyborg Side. Built by architect Carl Rachau and engineer Amand Struve (1875–79) on the site of a pontoon bridge (1851). Steel was widely used for the first time as a support material. Electric lighting was installed for the first time ever on a bridge (1879). Called the Emperor Alexander II Bridge (1903–17).

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Monogrammist I. O.
Jeweller, silversmith, niello master. Hallmark: И.О. Worked in Moscow (1802–16), where he made a silver tot-glass
Mikhailovsky Palace
The Mikhailovsky Palace is named after its first owner, Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich, the youngest son of Emperor Paul I. The palace was built between 1819 and 1825 for the marriage of the grand duke to Princess Friederike
Museum of Private Collections
Ilya Silberstein Collection (Rooms 201–202, 209–210)
The collection of Ilya Samoilovich Silberstein (1905–1988) occupies a special place among private collections in post-revolutionary Russia. This reason lies not only in the sheer quantity of works by Russian and West European
National Romantic
Nikolai Dubovskoi
Painter, draughtsman, illustrator, teacher. Born in the family of a Don Cossack in Novocherkassk (1859). Studied at the Vladimir Military Academy in Kiev (1870–77) and under Baron Mikhail Konstantinovich Clodt von Jürgensburg
Monogrammist I. P. M.
Jeweller, silversmith. Hallmark: IПМ. Worked in Moscow (1774–92), where he made a silver beaker