Halt of Comedians

The Halt of Comedians cabaret bar occupied the basement of 7 Field of Mars (spring 1916–spring 1917). Although the brainchild of Boris Pronin, an artist of the Vera Komissarzhevskaya Theatre, the heart and soul of the soirées was the famous director Vsyevolod Meyerhold. The premises were decorated by such leading fin-de-siècle artists as Sergei Sudeikin, Veniamin Belkin, Nikolai Kulbin, Alexander Yakovlev and Boris Grigoriev. The Halt of Comedians was patronised by the poets Anna Akhmatova, Nikolai Gumilyov, Osip Mandelstam, Velimir Khlebnikov, Vladimir Mayakovsky and other luminaries of the Silver Age of Russian culture at the turn of the century.

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