Russia St Petersburg Architecture Dacha Polovtsov Dacha on Stone Island

Polovtsov Dacha on Stone Island

Ivan Fomin built the dacha between 1909 and 1913 for the diplomat Alexander Polovtsov, son of the famous statesman of Tsar Alexander III. The building is one of the finest examples of the Neoclassical Revival style. Side wings decorated with Ionic columns form a wide courtyard, while the main facade is embellished with a striking portico. The protruding side porticoes are decorated with double columns, which makes the entire building seem particularly imposing.

The Polovtsov Dacha was constructed at 6 Middle Nevka Embankment on the site of a wooden building once belonging to Polovtsov’s grandfather – Baron Alexander Stieglitz. When creating the new building, Fomin retained the wooden vault of the Ball Room, including it in the space of a new interior – the White-Columned Room. The composition of the early-twentieth-century plafond defined the nature of the parquet floor, designed by Fomin in the Neoclassical spirit.

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