Tauride Palace

Built by Ivan Starov for Prince Grigory Potemkin (1783–89). Potemkin was awarded the title of “prince of Tauride” for annexing the Crimea and the name was applied to the palace and adjoining garden. After the owner’s death, the palace was bought by the crown and reconstructed by Fyodor Volkov as a summer residence for Catherine the Great (1792–93). A canal with a harbour was dug from the River Neva to the palace – later the site of the Central Municipal Water Pumping Station (1858–63). After the death of Catherine the Great, the palace was inherited by her son Paul I, who turned it into barracks for the Horse Life Guards Regiment. Restored by Luigi Rusca as an imperial residence (1802–03). Housed members of the imperial family and foreign dignitaries and hosted celebrations, balls and exhibitions. Reconstructed for sittings of the State Duma (1906). Ministerial Wing was added and the open colonnade was bricked in.

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