Bath Block

Spread out over several one-storey buildings constructed in various periods, this museum offers a fascinating insight into the everyday life of the Russian court. The oldest building in the complex is the Guest Rooms of Peter the Great. They are adjoined by the Cavaliers’ Bathhouse, which has an octagonal pool.

The Bath Block itself was designed by Eduard Hahn in 1866 for Empress Maria Alexandrovna, the wife of Alexander II. After undergoing a therapeutic water procedure, the empress would take a walk in the nearby Chinese Garden.

The Bath Block is joined to the Assembly Room, designed by Bartolomeo Francesco Rastrelli in 1748. This building hosted the imperial banquets held on the anniversaries of the Russian chivalrous orders. The dishes were prepared in the neighbouring Cooking House, which contains a Russian stove and various kitchen appliances. The Cooking House is followed by the Table Decker’s Room (where the cutlery and table linen were kept) and the Coffee Pourer’s Room (used to make hot beverages for the imperial family).

The museum is open from 10.30 am to 6 pm; ticket office closes at 5 pm

Closed every Wednesday

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