Andrei Voronikhin

Born: 1759, Novoe Usolye (Perm Province)
Died: 1814, St Petersburg

Architect, painter, draughtsman. Born in Novoe Usolye in Perm Province in the family of a serf of Count Alexander Stroganov called Nikifor Voronikhin (1759). Emancipated from serfdom (1786). Studied under Matvei Kazakov and Vasily Bazhenov in Moscow. Lived in Switzerland and France (1786–90). Nominated to the Imperial Academy of Arts (1794), academician of perspective and miniature painting (1797), architect and professor of the Imperial Academy of Arts (1800). Designed the Kazan Cathedral (1801–11), Institute of Mining (1806–11) and the interiors of the Stroganov Palace. Worked much in Pavlovsk. Died in St Petersburg (1814).

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