Carlo Rossi

Born: 1775, Naples
Died: 1849, St Petersburg

Italian architect, applied artist. Born in Naples to ballerina Guertroude Rossi (1775). Moved to Russia with his mother. Designed Yelagin Palace (1816–18), Mikhailovsky Palace (1819–25), General Headquarters (1819–29), Senate and Synod (1829–34) and the Alexandrinsky Theatre (1827–32). Designed the furniture for the Anichkov Palace (1817), Winter Palace (1818), Yelagin Palace (1818–22), Mikhailovsky Palace (1819–25) and Pavlovsk Palace (1822–24). Died of cholera in St Petersburg (1849). Buried at the Volkovo Lutheran Cemetery (1849) and later buried at the St Alexander Nevsky Monastery.

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