Alexei Zubov

Born: 1682 or 1683, Moscow
Died: 1751, Moscow

Engraver, painter, illustrator. Son of the icon-painter Fyodor Zubov (before 1647–1689), younger brother of Ivan Zubov. Studied icon-painting under his father (1695–98) and engraving under Adriaan Schoonebeek at the Moscow Armoury (1701–05). Worked at the engraving workshop of the Moscow Armoury and moved to St Petersburg (1711), where he headed the engraving workshop at the St Petersburg Printing Works (1711–27). Engraved Equestrian Portrait of Peter I (1707–21), Ceremonial Entry of Russian Troops into Moscow after the Battle of Poltava (1710–11), Wedding of Peter I and Catherine in the Winter Palace (1712), View of Vasilyevsky Island (1714), Battle of Hangö (1715), Panorama of St Petersburg (1716), Winter Palace of Peter I (1716–17), View of the Summer Garden from the River Neva (1717), Battle of Grengham (1721), Portrait of Catherine I with a Negro Boy (1726) and View of St Petersburg (1727). Worked for the Imperial Academy of Sciences (1728–29). Returned to Moscow (1729), where he performed work for private customers and the Holy Synod Printing Works (from 1730). Engraved crests for official stamped paper at the College of Manufacturing (from 1744). Died in poverty in Moscow (1751).

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